Budget Panel Proposes Funding Cuts For KU, K-State | KCUR

Budget Panel Proposes Funding Cuts For KU, K-State

Mar 5, 2015

A budget-writing subcommittee in the Kansas Senate has proposed cutting millions of dollars from the University of Kansas and shifting that money to the KU Medical Center. The plan would also cut Kansas State University.

The proposal from Republican Sen. Tom Arpke would cut KU’s main campus by more than $9 million over the next two years. Arpke says there would be a similar funding increase for KU Med, with the goal of training more doctors for rural areas.

“So that was the main impetus. This is a benefit for Kansas families that live in rural communities, and when I do votes, I have to take a vote for all of Kansas,” says Arpke.

KU’s vice chancellor for public affairs, Tim Caboni, says KU and the KU Medical Center are part of the same institution.

“What you see today is something that is a negative for the institution, and I understand it's a tough budget that we’re facing, but shifting money around is not helpful,” says Caboni.

The proposal also cuts Kansas State University by more than $4 million and increases funding for Fort Hays State University. The proposal will go before the full Senate Ways and Means Committee later Thursday.