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The Changing Role Of Natural History Museums

May 13, 2014

Ron Harvey, a conservator with Tuckerbrook Conservation LLC, uses a goat hair brush to tease decades-old dust from the hair of a bison specimen at the Natural History Museum on the University of Kansas campus in Lawrence, Kan.
Credit Julie Denesha / KCPT

The Natural History Museum at the University of Kansas is restoring its iconic Panorama of North American Plants and Animals, a 360-degree display of wildlife from North America. The Panorama was originally created in 1893 by KU professor Lewis Lindsay Dyche for the Kansas Pavilion of the World's Columbian Exhibition of the World's Fair in Chicago.

On Tuesday's Central Standard, museum director Leonard Krishtalka discusses the changing role of natural history museums.


  • Leonard Krishtalka, director of the KU Natural History Museum and professor of ecology and evolutionary biology