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A Check-In On The State Of Kansas City Metro Bike Infrastructure

Jun 11, 2014

Eric Bunch, Director of Education at BikeWalk KC, believes that Kansas City needs to install more dedicated cycle tracks, similar to this one in Vancouver, Canada, to inspire more people to utilize bike transportation in Kansas City.
Credit Paul Kruger / Flickr/CC

When you pull onto a street in a car, you have certain expectations. The road will be smoothly paved, with clearly marked lanes, and the network of streets will not end without warning, leaving you stranded before you’ve reached your destination. But, if you’re riding a bike in the Kansas City metro, finding a safe, continuous route can be challenging.

On May 16, Kansas City announced a lofty goal: to qualify for silver status in the League of American Bicyclists Bike Friendly Community ranking program by 2015. And by 2020, the city wants to qualify for platinum status -- the highest ranking a city can achieve. By the city's estimation, the metro is less than one third of the way to the 600 miles of on-street bike paths needed to meet that qualification.

On Wednesday's Central Standard, we explore whether Kansas City is any closer to that goal now than we were this time last year. Plus, we venture beyond the city limits, getting an overview of the best places to bike in the suburbs.