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Commentary: The List Goes On

Dec 14, 2016

The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl is just one of the items on commentator Victor Wishna's holiday wish list.

As you’re out doing your holiday shopping this month, you certainly don’t want to forget your favorite sports fans — a team hat, a scarf, a jersey, maybe even some season tickets. Yet as commentator Victor Wishna details in this edition of 'A Fan’s Notes,' his own wish list is a little longer than that.

Well, it’s that time of year again. By which I mean, the time of year when there isn’t much time left in the year. It’s a time when everyone, it seems, is making lists — best-ofs, in-memoriams, resolutions — and, you know, checking them twice.

And if your house is like mine — meaning it has small children, who’ve been long awaiting one of those commercialized December holidays — then you know all about lists: “Daddy! I want this! Daddy! I want that!”

So, if you’ll forgive me, in this last “A Fan’s Notes” of the year, I have a list of my own:

I want the Kansas City Chiefs to win on Sunday, which would clinch a playoff spot, for the second year in a row. I want them to wrap up a first-round bye, and then win a postseason game at home for the first time in 23 years. And then I would like them to win the next one, because at that point, they might as well go to their first Super Bowl in my lifetime.

I want Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith to get the respect he deserves.

I want Chiefs rookie sensation Tyreek Hill to return at least one kick for a touchdown in each game from now on. After every score, I want the commentators to remind us that he plead guilty to felony domestic assault. I want us to feel conflicted, and I want the Chiefs to take a more forceful public stand against domestic abuse.

I want Sporting KC to become a really big deal again, like they were a few years ago — when the Royals and Chiefs were still struggling.

I want FC Kansas City to become a big deal, too, and I want the National Women’s Soccer League to raise its minimum annual salary above the federal poverty line, for starters.

I want Idaho to win its first-ever appearance in the Great Idaho Potato Bowl.

I want KU basketball fans to relax a little bit.

I want the 10-member Big 12 Conference to change its name to the Big Ten, and the 14-member Big Ten to change its name to the Big 12 — and to give its two teams on the Atlantic coast to the Atlantic Coast Conference.

I want an iPhone 7.

I want flannel-lined sweatpants.

I want an electric toothbrush.

I want the Wade Davis trade to work out. I want Jorge Soler — the young outfielder the Royals got from the Chicago Cubs in the deal — to become the power hitter KC has really never had, and I want him to hit at least one home run — perhaps off Davis — when the Royals beat the Cubs in the World Series.

I want to keep the rest of the Royals’ championship core intact for one more year — unless, of course, GM Dayton Moore has a better idea.

I want to go to a T-Bones game, perhaps on Midget Wrestling Championship night.

I want to see the new Star Wars movie.

I know I’m not going to get everything on my list, just like my kids know they’re not getting everything on theirs — or, well, they’ll find out soon enough.

So, how about this:

I just want more of what we’ve been pretty lucky to have around here recently. I want sports to continue to play a role in unifying us as much as possible, as well as sparking controversy — the kind that we need, in the service of issues we should all be tackling, such as safety and equality and civil society. And next year, I want to keep the conversation going.

Victor Wishna is a writer, editor and sports fan. He lives in Leawood.