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Concealed Firearms To Be Allowed In Kansas Capitol

Jun 19, 2014

Kansas lawmakers decided not to ban concealed firearms in the capital building.
Credit Wikimedia Commons - CC

Visitors who have a concealed weapons permit will be allowed to bring guns into the Kansas Statehouse starting in July.

A state law grants the Legislative Coordinating Council the authority to bar concealed firearms in the Capitol. But at a meeting Thursday, those legislators chose not to discuss any regulations. That means concealed guns will be allowed in the Capitol next month.

Senate President Susan Wagle, a Wichita Republican, says this puts the Statehouse on a par with many other facilities.

“We allow people who pass security measures and have a background check and are well-educated to carry," Wagle said. "Why should we allow it in one public facility and not another?”

Legislators themselves are already allowed to carry concealed weapons in the Statehouse, provided they have a permit.