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Could Cannabis Return As Cash Crop?

May 20, 2014

Cannabis has two varieties. Hemp is the variety with less than 3% THC content and is used agricultural production in Canada.
Credit Edward the Bonobo / Flickr/CC

In 1942 the U.S. Department of Agriculture produced a film promoting the many uses of hemp and touted its production as part of a patriotic mission to win the war effort. But, shortly after World War II domestic production of any form of cannabis, hemp or otherwise, became prohibited. But, the legacy of this once cash crop lingers and you don't need to look far off the roads of Kansas and Missouri to find wild varieties of "ditch weed" growing. On Tuesday's Central Standard, we investigate the history of cannabis in our region and developments that might bring this crop back into rotation.


  • Doug Fine, author of Hemp Bound
  • Mark Mayfield, Research Assistant Professor in The Division of Biology, Kansas State University