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Council Votes To Restrict Investments In Firearm Companies

Jul 26, 2013

The Kansas City city council is asking city pension fund boards not to invest in companies that manufacture guns – and will request that the Board of Police Commissioners consider the same policy for police retirement funds.

Mayor Sly James told the council that the goal is discussions with firearms companies on letting cities with gun violence problems enact more restrictive gun control laws within their jurisdictions.

He admits that one city doesn't have the clout to accomplish that, but says this Kansas City is just one of a group of cities taking similar action.  Said James, "Combined with Chicago, New York, California and other pension plans across the country which are growing, we believe that it may have some impact and a way for us at least get the attention so that we could have the conversation about doing something to protect our citizens.”

The mayor reiterated that he is not anti-gun or anti-gun owner, but is anti-gun-violence.  He said a particular concern is illegally obtained firearms.

All council members except John Sharp voted for the resolution. Sharp said its rather stern wording made him and other law-abiding gun owners feel “demonized.”