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Creativity Over Time: How Age Affects Artistic Careers

Anthony Krutzkamp dances to music composed and performed by Bobby Watson.
Credit Julie Denesha / KCUR

On Tuesday's Central Standard, we invited a variety of artists to discuss how their practice has evolved as they have moved from one stage of life to another.

As a ballet dancer embarked on retirement from the stage and into a teaching and choreographing role at the age of 32, he sat down with a visual artist who has more than forty years of studio experience and a legendary jazz saxophonist. The three compared notes across genres. 


"As you age, you start to think about your mortality and you start to choose your notes more carefully. I play less notes." -- Bobby Watson

"If you're honest, your work is going to change because you're going to change." -- Philomene Bennett

"There's an equilibrium that happens between technique and artistry and I held on until I felt like I was there." -- Anthony Krutzkamp