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Cricket In KC; Kids And Sports

Credit Patrick Doheny / Flickr -- CC

At many metro parks, you'll see players from around the world playing cricket. We take a closer look at the growing culture of the sport in Kansas City.

Then: a recent article in Time Magazine stated that kids' sports is a $15 billion dollar industry. With the rise of club teams, is the way that kids play sports good for them? Or is it a sacrifice — not only for them, but for the whole family?


  • Muhammad Aadil, local cricket player
  • Vissu Kottapalli, co-founder of Cric-Clubs
  • Nate Jonjevic
  • Lola Jonjevic, 9-year-old competitive BMX racer
  • Sean Gregory, Senior Sports Writer, Time Magazine, and author of "How Kids Sports Turned Pro"