Crystal Williams Defeats Jackson County Chair Henry Rizzo | KCUR

Crystal Williams Defeats Jackson County Chair Henry Rizzo

Aug 4, 2010

Most Jackson County legislators will return to their seats after last night's primaries, with the exception of the legislature's chair.

Newcomer Crystal Williams defeated incumbent Henry Rizzo 50 to 43 in the second district at-large. Williams said she thinks people were ready for a change.

"The discussions that I had with the people of Jackson County about openness and transparency in county government is something that really resonated with folks," Williams said.

Williams ran alongside incumbent Theresa Garza Ruiz, who defeated Ray Salva, Jr. in the first district at-large.
Longtime Jackson County legislator Fred Arbanas beat City Councilman Terry Riley by a large margin in the third at-large.

"I haven't had to get out and campaign for many, many years," Arbanas said. "I sort of surprised myself that I could go and campaign and work as hard as I did, but I did it."

"There were no Republican candidates in Jackson County's at-large races, so last night's winners will serve on the legislature.