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Dealing With Domestic Violence

Dec 4, 2012

This weekend's news about the murder-suicide involving Jovan Belcher of the Kansas City Chiefs is bringing the ongoing discussion about domestic violence to the forefront.

In the second part of Wednesday's Up to Date we'll talk with Marie T. Dispenza from the Rose Brooks Center, a local domestic violence shelter, and Liz Donnelly, whose daughter was a victim of domestic violence, about the signs of domestic abuse and what to do about it.

This year, at least 14 people have died from incidents of domestic violence, and the Belcher case was the fourth murder-suicide this year in the Kansas City area. The Kansas City Star's Tony Rizzo took an in-depth look at the problem this week.

Area organizations that provide shelter and services to domestic violence victims operate 24-hour crisis phone lines. If you feel you are in immediate danger, call 911.

Safehome in Johnson County: (913) 262-2868
Rose Brooks Center in Kansas City: (816) 861-6100
Hope House in eastern Jackson County: (816) 461-4673
New House: (816) 471-5800
Synergy Services (800) 491-1114
National Domestic Violence Hotline: (800) 799-7233