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Difficult Choices: Considering Long-term Care

Mar 4, 2014

As the parents of baby boomers move into their twilight years, an elephant enters the room: when should we start to talk about long-term care? 

On Up to Date, we take a look at the process people go through when making decisions about elder care.
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With 12 million Americans already in need of attention and a further 15 million just around the corner, that question of how to best look after ourselves and loved ones is becoming more important by the day.

On Tuesday's Up to Date we sit down with a long-term care expert and some people who've had to make those decisions to discuss the what, when and why of elderly living assistance.


  • Joy Gipple, Kansas City Star columnist
  • Samantha Shepherd, founding attorney of Shepherd Elder Law Group
  • Ken Seibert, who put his wife into elder care