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Discarded Baby Regs to Grow in KC

Sep 3, 2010

Kansas City, MO – Eight years after Missouri passed a law to protect abandoned babies, Kansas City, Missouri agrees to take part in a program letting the public know about it.
It doesn't happen often, but when a newborn is abandoned and in danger there is general shock and horror.

The law allows legal immunity for fathers or mothers who leave their child in certain safe places with specified types of people. It took Kansas City Council action to allow this awareness program in the city. Councilman John Sharp wants it clear, when signs are put up telling the public about the law, leaving a baby at a fire station doesn't work.

Firefighters aren't always there.

And there was this from Council Member Sharon Sanders-Brooks--"We have to let the public know they cannot leave the baby on the doorstep like they used to do ----- in the 30's at this church steps. It has to be given to a person."

The measure passed without a dissenting vote.