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Examining Tax Proposals In Missouri

Jul 28, 2014

Several tax proposals are stirring discussion among Missouri voters.
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Election season has kicked off, and we’re gearing up to a flurry of primaries throughout the area. Today, we’re taking a look at the ballots in Kansas City, Mo., and the state of Missouri.

On Monday's Up to Date, we discuss the streetcar proposal that’s found its way into the voting booth. Voters will decide whether they want to expand the taxing district east and south, and as a result, expand the proposed streetcar lines.

Later, we examine a controversial plan for a statewide 3/4 cent sales tax in Missouri, known as Amendment 7, and why it’s prompting lots of talk about how the state should be funding plans to fix its highways.


  • Steve Glorioso, political consultant
  • Dan Coffey, founder of Citizens for Responsible Government
  • Jewell Patek, deputy treasurer for Missourians for Safe Transportation and New Jobs and lobbyist at Patek & Associates  
  • Jeanette Mott Oxford, executive director of Missouri Association for Social Welfare and former Missouri state representative