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Finding The Origins Of Tornado Chasers

Apr 17, 2014

The booming thunderstorms and crazy spring weather have moved in, and any Midwesterner knows what comes with them—tornadoes. Most of us retreat to basements when those sirens sound, but a select few take that as a cue to go hunting for the cyclones. 

Tornado chasing got its start in the 1920s.
Credit Ryan-O/Flickr-CC

On Thursday's Up to Date, we look at how the practice of tornado chasing got started, way before weather radar and cars were commonplace. We also examine what inspired these first weather-spotters.  Then a modern-day tornado tour guide tells us what tourists can expect on a storm-chasing vacation.


  • Lee Sandlin, author of Storm Kings: America's First Tornado Chasers
  • Scott Nicholson, founder of Spring Weather Productions