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Former KC Chiefs Player Returns, Loss For Home Team

Sep 10, 2012

One of the best players in Kansas City Chiefs history returned to Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday.  It was a triumphant return - for the visiting team.

In twelve seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, Tony Gonzales experienced multiple moments like this:

"ANNOUNCER: Good coverage by the Broncos. A throw to the end zone. It's a touchdown to Tony Gonzales!"

Then, Gonzales would take the football and dunk it over the goal post, as if he were playing college basketball again. In an Atlanta Falcons uniform on Sunday, that wasn't well-received.

"I heard the 'boos' coming with it," laughs Gonzales."But I want all the fans to know it wasn't a disrespectful thing. That's me...I made my bones coming up in this league. Definitely, I just wanted to make sure I was true to myself and go up there and dunk it."

By the time Gonzales caught that touchdown pass, the Falcons put the game out of reach. Gonzales left Kansas City happy. Kansas City Chiefs' fans were not after the Chiefs lost their opener, 40 - 24.