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Funkhouser Anti-E-Tax Repeal

Apr 5, 2010

Kansas City, Mo. – Mayor Mark Funkhouser will fight efforts to repeal the Kansas City earnings' tax. The mayor has been mum on the issue until now.

Hizzoner concedes he has been slow and deliberative deciding his stance, as signature collectors have been gathering support for an earnings tax referendum, statewide. Today he brought members of organized labor and other petition opponents to his office.

Funkhouser said he has studied urban tax policy, realizing some well meaning people oppose the tax and an alternative e-tax strategy needs to be drawn-- "but we don't want, and we can't have that strategy driven by people not in Kansas City who don't have our interests directly at heart. "

The e tax repeal issue is being driven by wealthy St. Louis businessman Rex Sinquefield who has donated more than a million dollars to the effort.