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Google Fiber Wraps Campaign, Extends Deadline

Sep 10, 2012

Google wrapped up its six-week sign up campaign for Google Fiber on September 9, 2012. 180 out of a little more than 200 neighborhoods in Kansas City qualified for the service.

The company has said it will give neighborhoods that aren’t on the current list another chance to sign up, but the details of when that will happen haven’t been released.

One selling point Google used to entice people to sign up was that when a neighborhood got Google Fiber,  its libraries, schools, and other public buildings would also the high speed internet service for free. 

David Smith is Chief of Staff for the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools, where every school is slated to get Google Fiber.  Each high school student in the KCK district now gets a laptop to take home.  He says the district is already talking about how to use Google Fiber, but he expects some of the real innovations elsewhere.

"How we use it will looks much different than anyone can imagine from where we stand right now. We found that to be the same thing with our laptops," says Smith. "There are going to be amazing things that happen many of which will be created and discovered by our kids."

Google plans to announce its timeline for installation later this week.