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Guerrilla Warfare During The Civil War

Jun 7, 2013

Credit The History Press

When the Confederate Army was pushed from Missouri, a slave state that hadn't ceded from the Union, in late 1861 ordinary people transformed themselves into guerilla fighters for the confederate cause.  A mayor's son and town teacher were among those who found themselves part of one of the most violent band of guerilla fighters lead by "Bloody" Bill Anderson.  After the war they became notable bank and train robbers.  But, there were also ordinary citizens who dedicated their lives to hunting these guerillas down, sometimes with equal violence.  Author James "Jim" W. Erwin, ​joins host Monroe Dodd, sharing several deadly stories of cat and mouse in Missouri during the Civil War.  Erwin recently released a book dealing exclusively with the Union solders hunting down the guerrilla's Guerrilla Hunters in Civil War Missouri.