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Hip Hop Grows Up

A trifecta of hip-hop royalty came to the Central Standard studio to talk about changes in the scene, and in themselves. (From left: Scribe, Necia Gamby and Jock Max.)
Credit Sylvia Maria Gross / KCUR

When you picture a break-dancer, or "b-boy," you may envision a skinny kid who drops to the ground and pops back up like it's no big deal, like gravity has no say in the matter. But the hip-hop culture that gave rise to break-dancing isn't getting any younger. Now that the original hip-hop generation is bringing kids to the club for events featuring crayons, how is the culture growing up with them? Bonus: profiles of three icons in Kansas City's hip-hop scene.


  • Donald "Scribe" Ross, graffiti artist emeritus, artist in residence for Children's Mercy Hospital
  • Thomas McIntosh, DJ Joc Max,  Kansas City DJ and parent
  • Necia Gamby, longtime supporter and leader within the hip-hop community