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History And Future of Kansas City Scottish Rite Temple

Jul 7, 2014

Kansas City Scottish Rite Building located at the intersection of Paseo and Linwood Boulevard.
Credit Mlaaker / Flickr-CC

When you think of the Masons, images of secret societies and rituals may come to mind—but what about their architecture?

On Monday's Up to Date we look at a building you may have driven by numerous times but never looked inside. Guest host Brian Ellison takes a look at a the history of the Scottish Rite Temple of Kansas City with a local Mason and a scholar who has written a book on these buildings across the country. Joining them is a local preservationist to talk about re-purposing these types of buildings when their organization can no longer afford to keep them.


Bob Harman is the Personal Representative of the S.G.I.G. Valley of Kansas City and runs the Scottish Rite Temple.

Elizabeth Rosin is  principal and owner of Rosin Preservation.

Dr. William D. Moore is an associate professor of American Material Culture at Boston University.