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JJ's Other Co-Owner, Jimmy Frantze, Speaks Out After Deadly Fire

Feb 20, 2013

Up To Date's Steve Kraske interviewed JJ's co-owner David Frantze Wednesday morning in the aftermath of Tuesday's explosion that left some of the restaurant's employees critically injured and one missing.

KCUR's Elana Gordon had the opportunity Wednesday afternoon to speak with David's brother and JJ's other owner, Jimmy Frantze.

Here are some excerpts of their interview, which took place near the site of the fire.

Jimmy Frantze: We have a lot of staff that we had to make sure they were all okay. Most are out of the hospital. We had one loss, which I really can’t talk about because nothing has been confirmed. Ten went to the hospital, nine are out. Some had fairly serious injuries. One of my chefs is still in the hospital, but he’s stable, he’s fine, they’re taking care of him.

JF: All my friends both from here, national news, my buddies from California are calling. Everyone’s been supportive.

EG: What’s it like it for you now to see?

JF: I don’t know how to describe – I’ve had this restaurant for 28 years, (it's been) a big part of my life. That’s why I’m facing this way (away from the restaurant's remains) not that way because I don’t want to look at it.

JF: I’m really happy all my staff is okay, that was the number one thing. We’re like a family at JJ’s. A sad family today. What’s on my mind is that most are fine.

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