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K-State Coach Embarrassed By Roberts Senate Campaign Ad

Nov 2, 2014

A screenshot from the controversial ad shows Senator Pat Roberts and Kansas State University football coach Bill Snyder.
Credit Pat Roberts campaign.

Kansas State University is being drawn into the Senate campaign for Republican Sen. Pat Roberts, despite protests from the university.   

Longtime K-State Football coach Bill Snyder seems to endorse Roberts in a new campaign ad. 

The problem? Political endorsements aren't allowed by university policy.

K-State president Kirk Schulz says in a memo that the the university talked to Snyder about the video. Snyder told them he was unaware his comments would be used on the campaign and apologized.

When asked about a post-game press conference, Snyder says he was embarrassed by the ad.

K-State has asked the Roberts campaign to stop running the video. The Roberts campaign dispute that and say they've never received a request to stop the ad and it continues to run.

Roberts is facing independent candidate Greg Orman.