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Kansas Board Of Education Requests Funding Increase

Jul 10, 2013

The Kansas State Board of Education will be asking lawmakers to increase school funding by more than $600 million in the coming fiscal year. That would be an increase of more than 20 percent. That decision came at a meeting in Topeka Tuesday.

The board members voted 7-3 to make the request for increased funding. More than $400 million would go to the base state aid per student that is paid to districts. The money would also increase funding for professional development and school lunch programs.

The motion was supported by board of education chairwoman Jana Shaver, from Independence, Kan.

“You don’t accomplish great things unless you dream big,” said Shaver. “And this is a big dream and a big request.”

But board member Ken Willard, from Hutchinson, said the request is too big and would require a tax increase.

“A well-intended motion, it has no chance of passage and in many ways would be counterproductive to the state,” said Willard.

The request will go to Kan. Gov. Sam Brownback and the Legislature.  They’ll consider it during the next legislative session in January.

A lawsuit over education funding is already waiting before the state Supreme Court. Arguments in that case are set for October.