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Kansas City International In Running For 'America's Worst Airport'

Oct 29, 2014

The new one terminal KCI plan, which was recommended by a city hall appointed task force, will likely take at least another year before it appears on the ballot.
Credit Landrum & Brown / Kansas City Aviation Department

You may not be shocked to hear that Kansas City International Airport is in the running for "worst airport in America."

A poll being conducted by design and technology blog Gizmodo lists eight airports in contention for the title. The list of candidates was gleaned from nominations they solicited from more than 600 disgruntled travelers.

Currently, New York's LaGuardia Airport leads the poll with more than 24 percent of the 5,775 total votes. KCI has 6.4 percent.

But, some commenters clearly believe it deserves more votes.

"I mean, have you been to Kansas City's airport?" a reader with the username out0mind wrote. "It's the smallest, strangest, possibly least secure international airport I've ever been to in the states."

"Clearly many voters have not been to Kansas City's airport otherwise it would be winning," user cjones wrote. "At the airport, to travel to different gates, you have to go outside of security and then go back through security at your target gate."

KCI has long been the center of debate in Kansas City, resulting in the recommendation of a single-terminal renovation from a special task-force earlier this year. The renovation is estimated to cost $1.2 billion, though city council won't make any decisions on it for at least another six months.