Kansas Lawmakers May Return to Topeka Next Week | KCUR

Kansas Lawmakers May Return to Topeka Next Week

May 17, 2013

It's looking more like Kansas lawmakers may not work through the weekend to finish the legislative session and could instead leave and return next week. It's getting to the point where lawmakers may not be able to finish by the end of the weekend, even if agreements on taxes and the budget are reached soon.

After a budget compromise is formed, there's a delay to prepare the bill before the chambers can vote on it. Senate President Susan Wagle, a Republican from Wichita, says it would be a stretch to wrap up the session this weekend.

"If we could have agreement on the budget this week, I’m very pleased. And then we come back and work on taxes. I think it’d be rather optimistic to think we could get it done this weekend.”

Wagle says many legislators have graduation ceremonies to attend over the weekend, which would make it difficult to work Saturday and Sunday to finish the legislative session.

Lawmakers shortened the session from the normal 90 days to 80 days, but weren't able to reach agreements on big issues by the deadline. Friday marks the 84th day of the session.