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KC Council Approves Westport QuikTrip Plan After Neighbors Reach Compromise

Jul 13, 2017

Development groups have tallied another win in the Westport area.

The Kansas City Council Thursday unanimously approved a plan to expand the QuikTrip on Westport Road.

A number of proposed projects in the area have seen strong opposition from neighbors who fear the historic character of the district will change. 

The green light from the council comes after more than a year of negotiation between QuikTrip and neighborhood groups.

The gas station’s upgrade to a so-called “generation three” model will include six more pumps and 52 parking spots, spread across 1.5 acres. 

The final plan resolves several long-disputed issues — most importantly, the status of Mercier Street.

A design brought to a council committee last month would have closed Mercier to through traffic. That plan drew hours of opposing testimony from neighbors.  

Under the plan approved Thursday, Mercer will remain a public right-of way, with the gas pumps on one side of the street and the store on the other.

Councilwoman Jolie Justus says although QuickTrip will operate and maintain the street, it will still function as a public road. 

“In the ordinance and in the plan, there is a street vacation, but there is a full easement back to the city,” Justus said. “We have made clear in the ordinance that this street, Mercier street, is to continue to function as a public street. It can not be closed. We will have signage. We will have striping. It will have anything you could find on a public street.”

Final landscaping plans will have to be approved by the the city plan commission.

Lexi Churchill is a news intern at KCUR.