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KCPS Alumni Debate The District's Future

Feb 13, 2012

The first legislative hearings about Kansas City Public Schools began in Jefferson City on January 31, 2012. The latest bill would dissolve the district, parceling the schools out to neighboring districts for management.

Meanwhile, here in Kansas City on the same day, former district students debated three of the less nuclear options: mayoral control, state takeover, or sticking with the current elected board.  The debate was organized by Debate-Kansas City, an urban debate league, and the Kansas City Star. KC Currents recorded the debate, held at UMKC. Here are some excerpts from that debate.

Arguing for the school board was Marcus Leach, for mayoral control was Latoya Williams-Green and Ryan Wash supported a state takeover. Marcus Leach recently graduated from Howard Law School and is working in politics in Kansas City. Ryan Wash and Latoya Williams-Green are seniors at Emporia University and nationally-ranked debaters.

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