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KCUR Launches New Podcast, 'Question Quest'

Aug 19, 2016

Credit Mike Russo / KCUR 89.3

KCUR on Friday announced a new podcast Question Quest, launching in September.

Co-hosts Suzanne Hogan and Cody Newill will take turns scouring the Midwest for oddities, landmarks and just plain old strange things that make you ask, "What's up with that?" 

The podcast is an expansion of Central Standard's "What Is That?" a talk show segment that ran for several years on air and online. That series uncovered stories of a forgotten Shawnee prophet and Kansas City's "house of cards," among others.

The first season of Question Quest explores both the Kansas City metro and the Midwest.

"The Midwest, like any region, is brimming with compelling stories and people," says KCUR's Digital Director Briana O'Higgins. "With Question Quest, we find those hidden gems and showcase our region in a way that people haven't seen before in a podcast."

O'Higgins and Central Standard Senior Producer Sylvia Maria Gross will serve as executive producers. Both bring years of public radio and audio documentary experience to the show.

Question Quest is part of KCUR's renewed focus on serving high-quality public radio to modern audiences through podcasts. 

Find Question Quest wherever you get your podcasts, including iTunes and Google Play.

Have an idea for a Question Quest episode? Send it along to web@kcur.org