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Let's Talk About Death, Baby

Jun 26, 2014

At the Death Cafe, conversations about mortality are an important part of a life well-lived.
Credit Will Taylor / Flickr, Creative Commons

It's one of life's great inevitables, and we don't mean taxes.

Death Cafes, where people get together to hang out and talk about death and dying, have started popping up in cities worldwide. Locally, we have two Death Cafes: one in St. Joseph, Mo. and another in Kansas City, Mo. 

On Thursday's Central Standard, we learned about what exactly goes on at a Death Cafe. We also explored why talking about death is such a foreign concept for so many people when it's one of the few experiences we all have in common.

Kansas City's next Death Cafe convenes Thursday, June 26 at 7 PM. Find details here.