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Local Music Critics Pick KC's Best

Nov 2, 2012

Looking for a new sound? Kansas City's musical veins are still pumping with melodies.

On Friday's Up to Date, local music critics Chris Haghirian, Bill Brownlee and Michael Byars will check out some of the latest tunes to come out of the area.

Chris Haghirian's picks:

Making Movies - "Cuda de Vida" - from the album A Le Deriva

We Are Voices - "Fighting Fires" - from the album Tread Lightly

Ross Brown - "Small Victories" - from the album Small Victories

The Empty Spaces - "Holidays Are Nice and Warm" - from the EP, The Party Line

White Girl - "Last Man Standing" - from the EP, White Girl, Vol. Two

Bill Brownlee's picks:

Pat Metheny - "Roofdogs" - from the 2012 release Unity Band

Joyce DiDonato - "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" - from the 2012 release Homecoming: Kansas City Symphony Presents Joyce DiDonato

The Brody Buster Band - "You Don't Have to Go" - from the 2012 release Will Die Young

Deborah Brown - "All Too Soon" - from the 2012 album All Too Soon

Hearts of Darkness - "Come Forward" - from the 2012 release Shelf Life

Project H - "Saturday's Back" - from the 2012 album Become Light

Michael Byars' picks:

The Caves - "Give It Away Or Lose It" - from the album Duplexiaville

Gentleman Savage - "Open Eyes" - from the EP Open Eyes

Dollar Fox - "This Apology" - from the album Little Mother's Things I Am Keeping

Tiny Horse - "Ride" - single release

Rumblejetts - "Rocket To The Moon" - from the album Motor Honey

Hospital Ships - "Come Back To Life" - single release

Listen to hear why our critics picked these artists and songs.

Bill Brownlee is a music critic for The Star. He blogs at at plasticsax.com, Kansas City's top jazz blog.

Chris Haghirian is an account executive with Ink Magazine, co-founder of Ink’s Middle of the Map Festival, organizer of various music promotions for Ink, and co-host of the weekly webcast “The Mailbox” on midwestmusicfound.org.

Michael Byars is a morning announcer at KCUR. Previously, he was been a part-time announcer during classical music, then a Saturday afternoon announcer before moving up to full-time Morning Edition host in November 2002. Occasionally, you might hear his voice on "The Fish Fry", where he serves as a fill-in for Chuck when he's away; he also engineers interview segments and edits the show's archived broadcasts.