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Looking Back At The Sunflower Ammunition Plant

Oct 10, 2013

The Midwest is generally a calm place, but a new museum exhibit in Johnson County is recalling a place that was potentially explosive.

The Sunflower Ammunition Plant is the focus of a new exhibit at the Johnson County Museum.
Credit Thomas Long/Flickr-CC

On Friday's Up to Date, we talk about the history and development of the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant. A former plant manager and the top government official both join us today to give an inside look at what it was like to work there.


  • Tom Stutz was in charge of the U.S. Army’s staff at the Sunflower plant and served as the government’s top official on site.
  • Gayla Frazier is a third-generation Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant employee. She began as a clerk typist in the main administration office, then became an accountant and later, plant manager.
  • Matt Gilligan is a curator with Johnson County Museum.