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McCaskill Frustrated Over Farm Bill, Health Exchanges

Nov 29, 2012

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill says she’s frustrated with the House of Representatives for not taking up three pieces of legislation that she calls “bipartisan” and “vitally important.”

The Democratic Senator says she doesn’t understand why members of the House won’t take up legislation on the U.S. Postal Service, the Violence Against Women Act or the Farm Bill, which she says is very important for Missouri.

“Once again reduces our deficit by $23 billion, a strong bipartisan bill, both Senator Blunt and I support the bill. It cuts not only some of the farm programs, but also cuts food stamps in a way that is also responsible, but allows our farmers to have certainty going forward,” says McCaskill.

The Farm Bill has been stalled in the House since this summer. It deals with a wide range of issues including food stamps and crop insurance.

On a state level, McCaskill says there will be a political price to pay for state lawmakers who allow the federal government to run the state’s health insurance exchange.

McCaskill says Obamacare is going to be implemented and the state of the Missouri has the opportunity to get resources from the federal government.

“They’re going to have an opportunity to shop for reasonable insurance on an exchange that could be run and the rules of the road designed by Missourians. And instead these folks are so focused on the evils of Obamacare, they’re going to short change the people of Missouri,” says McCaskill

Earlier this month, Governor Jay Nixon notified the federal government that Missouri will not run its own insurance exchange. That’s because voters approved a measure preventing the Governor from establishing a state-run exchange unless lawmakers have authorized it.