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McCaskill Looks To GOP Votes

Nov 1, 2012

Seeking re-election, Mo. Democratic U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill said she expects crossover support from Republicans who will vote for Mitt Romney for President and are displeased with her opponent, Todd Akin.

Last night she was surrounded by  support at a southside union hall. McCaskill said voters have told her they’re Republicans, Romney backers and will vote for her.

And of the the PAC known as “Now or Never” that says it will spend a million dollars for Congressman Akin ads near the end of the campaign, McCaskill responds--“why does it need to be a secret? That’s a lot of money to dump at the 11th hour of a campaign. Secondly, I think the ad were running is pretty important because we have Governor Romney in his own words, saying what he thinks of the candidate Todd Akin. And Governor Romney says he’s unacceptable.”

Akin is still behind  McCaskill in outside dollars where she has amassed an estimated  $7.5 million.

Coming off an evening campaign appearance in Kansas City, Senator Claire McCaskill moves to St. Joseph on Friday, then to the Kansas City neighborhood were she once served as a state representative.