Midwesternish Special: Demolition Derbies And Accents | KCUR

Midwesternish Special: Demolition Derbies And Accents

Apr 16, 2018

Segment 1: What's up with demolition derbies?

Americans have been intentionally ramming cars into each other, for sport, since the 1950's. Learn about the Midwest's Colosseum and why the old school demo derby may be running out of gas.

  • Frank Morris, NPR correspondent and senior editor, KCUR

Segment 2, beginning at 22:46: Yes. Even if you're a Midwesterner, you still have an accent.

The Midwest has a reputation for being a bland, neutral, accent-free place. But experts say that simply is not true.

  • Suzanne Hogan, producer and announcer, KCUR
  • Christopher Strelluf, Assistant Professor of Linguistics, University of Warwick Coventry
  • Paul Meier, founder, International Dialects of English Archive

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