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Missouri And Kansas Lawmakers Tackle New Sessions

Jan 6, 2014

When lawmakers go back to work in Kansas and Missouri, they’ll have some hot issues to keep them warm.

Kansas lawmakers return to Topeka Jan 13 for the new legislative session.
Credit stgermh / Flickr-CC

On Monday's Up to Date, state lawmakers from both Kansas and Missouri join us to talk about those contentious topics. In Kansas, the buzz centers around school funding and how the state’s Supreme Court could change the budget for education.

Across the state line in Missouri, Democrats and Republicans are tussling over the competing interests of increasing financing for schools and Medicaid and the tax cuts favored by Republicans.


  • Sen. Ryan Silvey (R, MO-17)
  • Rep. Kevin McManus (D, MO-36)
  • Rep. John Rubin (R, KS-18)
  • Rep. Stephanie Clayton (R, KS-19)