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Missouri Mayhem

Festival-goers arrive at the Ozark Music Festival in 1974 in Sedalia, Missouri.
Credit Wikipedia--CC

The 1974 Ozark Music Festival lives on in infamy.

It drew as many as 350,000 people to the small, family-oriented town of Sedalia.

Traffic ground to a halt. Temperatures were in the triple-digits. Nudity ran rampant and the cost of ice skyrocketed.

Residents came home to festival-goers camped out on their lawns, using garden hoses for "baths." People sent their children out of town for safety. Hungry, drug-addled music fans stole a cow. And it only gets crazier from there.


  • Jefferson Lujin, filmmaker, The Story of the Ozark Music Festival: 3 Days of Sodom & Gomorrah in Sedalia, Missouri