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Missouri Senate Leaders Deny Medicaid Flip Flop

Mar 5, 2013

The head of the Missouri Senate is denying reports from some conservative bloggers that top Republicans are planning an about-face on Medicaid expansion. 

In particular, Red State published a report Monday that Senators Tom Dempsey and Mike Parson were backing a so-called “shell bill” that would be used to add Medicaid expansion to next year’s state budget. 

Dempsey denies that report.

“For my part, no, there’s no truth in those rumors at all,” says Dempsey. "My opposition to Obamacare has been consistent and unwavering.”

Dempsey also responded via Twitter, saying in part, “Don't be a lemming. Just because some idiot posts on his blog that I sponsored a bill doesn't make it so.” 

He says he wants Washington to instead use block grants to allow states the flexibility to craft their own health care solutions, instead of having one, overarching federal health care system.