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MU Adds Grants To Cover Full Tuition, Fees

Aug 25, 2017

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University of Missouri officials signed an agreement Thursday that will expand financial aid for lower-income students beginning in 2018.

As part of the Missouri Land Grant Compact, Missouri undergraduates who qualify for the federal Pell Grant program will have all tuition and fees covered. In addition, students who are also enrolled in the Honors College will have all room and board covered.

Chancellor Alexander Cartwright said the awards should have a significant impact on the state.

“We have estimated that more than 3500 students would qualify for this award based on our current enrollment,” he says.

Freshmen enrollment at MU is at its lowest since 2001.

According to MU, Pell Grants typically provide up to $6,000 annually per student in help. Most families who fall into this category make less than $30,000 a year.

The new MU undergraduate grants aim to fill the remaining financial gap between other student scholarships and full tuition. They will be available for all incoming freshmen, current students and transfer students.