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NOVA Project To Reduce Violence In KC

Feb 28, 2013

Like any metropolitan city, crime and violence are unfortunately a reality of life in Kansas City. Recently, the KCPD joined forces with many across the metro to organize the NOVA project, an initiative to combat gang violence in Kansas City.

Michael Anderson, a Kansas City native who used to participate in violent crime but has since gotten away from that lifestyle, shares his struggle with growing up around the violence. He is now a musician and writes raps about avoiding violence.

Leaders in the NOVA program share why this program was started in Kansas City and how it's working so far. Our guests include Sargent Gary Cooly of the KCPD, Dr. Ken Novak of the UMKC Criminal Justice and Criminology department and Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Baker. Lora McDonald of MORE2 also joins us to talk about the different programs available for individuals who want to get out of the group violence lifestyle.