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Olympic Dreams In Kansas City: Downhill Skiing Or Snowboarding

Feb 10, 2014

Our own Brian Ellison beat his own time on the race course at Snow Creek at Weston, Missouri.
Credit Laura Ziegler


Alpine skiing is the most commonly practiced Winter Olympic sport. But, as Midwesterners our "alpine" options leave much to be desired. Still, if you want to feel the air through your hair as you barrel down a mountain on skis or a snowboard, we have some options. The mountain just won't be quite be the size of those found in Sochi.

Where to go:
Snow Creek Park, Weston, Mo. 

Adult lift ticket: $43
Child lift ticket: $28
Equipment rentals: $10-$25

What to wear:
Waterproof clothing, like ski pants and a jacket. Helmet and goggles or sunglasses. Gloves and warm socks.

Skills/preparation needed:
For beginners, lessons might help establish a basic skill set.

A helmet is recommended, especially for children or beginners. Stay on runs that are suited to your skill level to avoid unnecessary injury.

Who can help: 
Kansas City Ski Club

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