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One T-Rex, Comin' Right Up

May 24, 2016

The Tyrannosaurus Rex a KU team is digging up is a young dinosaur, and the KU Natural History Museum already has 15% of the specimen in its possession.
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Once upon a time, a paleontology expedition to dig up dinosaur bones might have been funded primarily by grants and major philanthropists. But KU's Natural History Museum has its eye on a tyrannosaurus rex, and if they succeed in bringing the specimen home from Montana this summer, guess who's footing the bill? You are, through crowd-sourcing. How the crowd-funding model is changing education, from grade school classrooms to university museums.


  • David Burnham, paleontologist, University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute
  • Jen Humphrey, director of external affairs, KU Natural History Museum
  • Virginia Zetmeier, art teacher, North Kansas City Schools