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Overland Park Annexation Opponents Plan Appeal

Apr 5, 2010

Kansas City, Mo. – Opponents say they'll appeal the decision to approve Overland Park's annexation of 8 square miles of semi-rural land.

A Johnson County District Court last week ruled neither the city nor Johnson County did anything illegal by annexing the land.

But Norman Pishner a member of a committee that campaigned vigorously against the annexation, says opponents believe they can prove residents were denied due process.

"If nobody can say how much the annexation will cost, which nobody can, than we don't think it's a valid annexation," say Pishner

Pishner adds annexation opponents see connections between their struggle and national discontent with government.

" I think a lot people frustrated their voice not being heard from legislators at U.S level as well as state level," says Pishner.

Pro Golfer Tom Watson and medical doctor Gerald Matile filed a lawsuit on behalf of the opponents . They believe the city and county are unfairly absorbing unincorporated land.