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Parents, Teens And Starting College

Dec 20, 2013

Late nights, too much microwave popcorn and a whole lot of work—getting used to college in your first semester is tough.

College life can be a big adjustment for freshmen.
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On Monday's Up to Date, psychologist Wes Crenshaw joins us to talk about the difficulties freshmen have adjusting to a whole new lifestyle away from home. Steve Kraske's son, Nick, just finished his first taste of college, and he joins us to give the view from the trenches.


  • Dr. Wes Crenshaw, psychologist 
  • Nick Kraske, freshman at DePaul University
  • Katie Guyot, former co-author of Double Take, is a freshman at Kenyon College in  Ohio.
  • Emily Van Schmus is a freshman at Drake University in Des Moines.