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Parents, Teens & Technology

Jul 14, 2013

That tweet that's so important to share now may not look so good later. The immediacy of social media appeals to teens, but in the quest for popularity, many don't think about privacy.

Popularity is often more of a concern than privacy when teens use technology.
Credit Jeffrey Pott/Flickr-CC

On Monday's Up to Date, Dr. Wes Crenshaw joins us with some soon-to-be college freshmen to discuss why teens use technology and social media the way they do and what they might want to consider the next time they hit "post."

Dr. Wes Crenshaw is a Kansas Licensed Psychologist and board certified in Couples and Family Psychology (ABPP). He has served families in Lawrence and surrounding area since 1999 and owns Family Psychological Services in Lawrence. He is co-author of the Double Take column published weekly since 2004 and currently in Monday's GO! section of the Lawrence Journal World, and Dear Dr. Wes: Real Life Advice for Teens; and Real Life Advice for Parents of Teens based on eight years of columns. He received his PhD from the University of Kansas in 1994, was licensed in 1995 and founded an internship for doctoral students in Topeka in 1996. He co-founded the Family Therapy Institute Midwest in 1999 and served as its director until December 2010. Learn more at