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Preventing A DIY Dust-Up

Mar 25, 2013

Everyone knows you should wear a hard hat during construction, but are your lungs in just as much danger as your head?

In the first part of Tuesday's Up to Date, we’ll talk with Amy Roberts from the Kansas City, Mo., Health Department and Chris Smith from the Kansas City, Mo., Environmental Health Services Air Quality program about managing dust during remodeling projects.

For more information on the Healthy Homes Childhood Lead Pois0ning Prevention program, call (816) 513-6048. If you have air quality questions, call (816) 513-6169.

Amy Roberts is the program manager for the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and Healthy Homes at the Kansas City, Mo., Health Department and has worked with the project for 15 years. Her previous experience includes nine years working as a Pediatric Nurse at the Dartmouth Children’s Hospital in New Hampshire. Roberts' current work includes partnering with The Children’s Mercy Hospital in the Regional Healthy Homes Training Center, completing the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program’s formal transition to a Healthy Homes Program and developing sustainable funding to provide Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention resources to Kansas City families.
Chris Smith has focused his career on protecting the public health and safety for nearly 22 years. He first joined the Health Department’s Air Quality Program in 1991 as an Environmental Inspector. In 1995 Smith became a Safety Officer with the City’s Water Services Department, where he worked until rejoining the Air Quality Program in 2007. Smith’s current responsibilities include enforcing local, state and federal air quality rules.