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Ray Bradbury Remembered By Loving Biographer

Apr 10, 2014

Writer Ray Bradbury was an American icon. His work straddled genres, uniting the seemingly-disparate worlds of science fiction and high literature, haunting readers' imaginations with side shows, skeletons, bright stars, the dark skies of space, solitary front porches and late night train whistles. 

When he died, Bradbury left behind several generations of fans. One of those fans, Sam Weller, got to know Bradbury and wrote The Bradbury Chronicles. Weller will be reading from that biography at the Midcontinent Public Library's Woodneath Auditorium, April 8.

Our conversation with Weller includes stories about Bradbury, ranging from the author's much-disputed claim to have remembered his own birth to an experience at a carnival that changed his life forever.


Sam Weller, author, The Bradbury Chronicles