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Raytown Runner Goes To The Olympics, Breaking Down The Kansas School Finance Lawsuit

Jul 23, 2012

The show for Sunday, July 22, and Monday, July 23:

Maurice Mitchell, And His Family, Head To London For The Summer Olympics
Many athletes dream of going to the Olympics, but few ever succeed in representing their country on sport’s most prestigious stage. On July 1, Raytown native Maurice Mitchell finished second in the men’s 200m during the Olympic Trials in Oregon. Now Maurice Mitchell and his family have some packing to do.

Drought Brings Misery To Arkansas River Basin
Drought has set in early and hard across the Midwest, parching the Arkansas River basin. The river trickling out of the mountains is dry before it reaches some of the major agricultural uses downstream. And the drought is torching crops, sapping tourism and threatening supplies of drinking water.

Bucking Bulls Draw Crowds, And Dollars

The bucking bull has long been the embodiment of the American rodeo, and it takes just four seconds for a strong young bull to reap its owner as much as $50,000 in prize money. In the past ten years, bucking bulls have become a major industry. The price of the best bloodlines can soar to $250,000, and competitions take place everywhere from Madison Square Garden to Wyoming.

KCC Breaks Down The Kansas School Finance Lawsuit
Last month, a three-judge panel in Topeka heard a case in which 54 school districts sued the state for cutting their funding. The state has budgeted 38 hundred dollars per student for the coming school year. That’s down five hundred dollars per student from four years ago, and many Kansas teachers says it’s nowhere near the amount needed to properly educate students. Many Kansas lawmakers say that, with state revenues dropping dramatically, something’s got to give.  Peter Hancock of The Kansas Education Policy Report breaks down this recent history of K-12 public school funding.

My Farm Roots
Hear Americans’ stories and memories of rural life through a series by Harvest Public Media called “My Farm Roots.”  This installment is a conversation with Tom Karst, the national editor for The Packer, a trade newspaper covering the fruit and vegetable industry. For more than 25 years he’s been reporting about issues of importance to the produce industry including immigration, farm policy and food safety.

Missouri Tragedy, Kansas Suburbs Get Fringe Festival Focus
Though the 8th annual Kansas City Fringe Festival is increasingly drawing groups from out of the area, more than half of this year's 87 performance and film offerings originated with Missouri-based artists, while about a quarter hail from Kansas. Two shows in particular look distinctly at events or locales in our adjacent states with very different moods and tones.

KC Fringe Dares Artists To Take A Chance
KC Fringe has been called a festival of daring – providing an opportunity for artists to take risks and to challenge themselves. In recent years, local actors have tried their hand at directing and directors have taken up acting. Two artists are crafting something new out of the past.