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The Reading Promise

Mar 5, 2012

They called it "The Streak." Father and daughter, together, with a book, Dad reading the words. At first, the idea was to read aloud together for 100 consecutive nights.

When they reached that goal, they celebrated over pancakes. Then they decided to keep it going, and they did -- for 3,218 consecutive nights.

That's 8.8 years, a streak broken only when Alice Ozma went off to college.

Monday in the second half of Up to Date, Steve Kraske talks with Ozma about her book, The Reading Promise.

Alice Ozma is a twenty-three year old bibliophile born and raised in Millville, New Jersey and currently living in Philadelphia. She loves stories of all kinds and in all forms. She once fell in a decorative lily pond at a public garden. It was deeper than it looked. She would love to hear about how you started a Streak, or your favorite book, or what you liked about her book. Contact her at