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Refugee Stories (R)

Budhi Kami and her son, Unish Biswa, are part of Kansas City's refugee community. Hear other refugee stories in this show, and find Budhi and Unish's story in related content below.
Credit Alex Smith / KCUR

In light of current debates about whether Kansas and Missouri should participate in the resettlement of Syrian refugees, we rebroadcast a recent conversation exploring Kansas City's role in the pipeline of refugees coming to the United States. Not just from Syria, but from around the world.


  • Hilary Singer, executive director, Jewish Vocational Services
  • Valerie Sprout, attorney, McCrummen Immigration Law Group
  • Sarah Pitia, KC resident, refugee from Sudan
  • Dawt Peng, KC resident, member of the Chin community from Burma (now called Myanmar)